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What God Gives With One Hand He Takes Away With Another

As a bus-load of libertarian students pushes a little bit further into the Tory shires golf club (Tm. Peter Risdon), the UKIP local election candidate for Pendle Central in Lancashire County Council has been suspended following online comments.

It started as a quip about offering symnpathies to Satan for hosting Margaret Thatcher. Personally, I would not have said that, but nor am I overly fussed about those who would. As another HP commenter observed, she and her family saw effigies being burned during her lifetime, and revelled in her public profile.

And this was not the reason for his suspension. What caused his suspension was a subsequent e-mail exchange with an unnamed woman which, on seeing it, the UKIP NW organizer Fred McGlade described as grossly abusive towards women, and initiated the candidate’s immediate suspension.

The candidate was one Ken Bell. Deary, deary me.

Alan A adds

My other recollection is that Ken Bell had a website which contained pictures of him spanking his lady friends, accounts of his friendly meetings with the local BNP, and support for the Iraqi “resistance”. It also explained how to go about picking up “good time girls” in Mexico or Cuba.

UKIP was invented for people like Ken!

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