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Labour – Together

Ed Miliband does pretty well in the latest party political broadcast that aired for the first time today. It is the first ad that party has produced since US activist Arnie Graf was asked to overhaul the party.

The ad is built around Ed Miliband’s recent campaign where he is seen sans tie taking his soapbox to the streets of Britain. It has a simple Obama style title and is simply called ‘Together’.

Building it exclusively around Miliband has been criticised by some but Labour has to build up its leader, and put him in front of people, if he is going to successfully challenge David Cameron and Nick Clegg and this does that well.

The ‘One Nation’ message here successfully conveys a message of hope and pushes the line “a recovery made by the many”.

The ad was released along with an email from Graf to Labour supporters — it does turn it on a bit strong, but I think the ad is certainly the best we have had from Labour under Miliband so far.

“I’ve been a community organiser in the USA for more than 50 years. I’ve worked on living wage campaigns and for the Civil Rights movement. So, I’ve met my fair share of politicians. But I never wanted to work for a political party. I just didn’t rate them because it wasn’t how I went about getting change. But then I met Ed Miliband.

“This is a time when so many people, maybe you included, are sceptical about politics. But do one thing for me – watch this video, I think it might surprise you. This is the Ed Miliband I’ve come to know. He knows that politics is far too important just to be left to politicians. He knows that Britain needs to change,” says Graf.

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