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You can’t get the conspiracy staff these days…

Alex Jones of Info Wars is struggling to develop a vaguely plausible conspiracy theory for the Boston Marathon bombings says Alex Seitz-Wald:

The basic outline is the same as all of his projects: A globalist cabal working through the U.S. government staged a “false flag” operation that will be blamed on terrorists as pretext to take away guns and civil liberties and eventually tyranny. Eventually, they will depopulate the entire planet through massive genocides.

In the video, Jones calls the bombings “the biggest event” of his 18 years of broadcasting, so you would think he would bring his A game, but he really let us down with this one.

After tearing away the flimsy edifice of Jones’ suggested conspiracy at Boston, Seitz-Wald tackles the overall concept:

And I’m having trouble getting into the heads of the globalists here — what’s the motivation? They’re already rich and powerful and can do pretty much whatever they want, so why bother going through all the trouble of depopulating the world? At their current rate of success, they’ll all be dead before they even have a chance to enjoy their handiwork. And why not stage more devastating attacks? Pretend to kidnap the president and demand Congress pass the “Repeal the Bill of Rights Act of 2013.” This is truly the most pathetic globalist conspiracy ever.

It’s all too quick these days I suspect. It’s only five days since the bombs went off in Boston. The news is current, churning, contradictory and wall-to-wall. Time was a conspiracy arose after stewing for a few weeks at least. Making them up on the hoof, as additional facts and pictures are pouring in, is far harder. Like a game of Tetris Alex Jones is trying to feed falling pieces into the conspiracy. He can’t spin and fit them together fast enough without building a tower of implausible holes.

There will be a settled conspiracy theory that will crystallise around Boston. It will come from some already existent picture or fact, and will act as a lever for the wider conspiracy, as the fall of WTC7 did for 911. Give it time. Until then, keep on digging Alex.

Gene adds: And of course Glenn Beck is pleased to ignore the mundane facts when there’s Obama-hating to be done.

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