Ding Dongers to be beaten at the bell?

So have the Street Theatre Left peaked to soon in their bid to grab a giggle out of Thatcher’s death?

While the BBC has spent in an incredible amount of time covering whether or not it would be right to broadcast the silly Wizard of Oz tune, suddenly an alternative has emerged.

Its racing towards the top 40 as we speak.

One Facebook group is seeking to boost sales of (I’m In Love With) Margaret Thatcher, a 1980 track by the punk band Notsensibles.

That news came as a surprise to band member Steven Hartley, who told the BBC News website the song had been conceived as a satirical swipe at the former Conservative leader.

“We were of Thatcher’s Britain – just a bunch of ordinary north-west lads from a north-western town,” said guitarist Hartley, who nonetheless said it would be “great” if the song charted

It’s the perfect storm isn’t it? Middle-aged ex-punks from a working class town in Lancashire making some money off the backs of desperate Tories AND pissing off middle class MetroLefties into the bargain!

Update: Song has cracked the Top Ten and looks like the Not Sensibles – or one of them at least – have been celebrating a little:

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