Israel breaks truce

The BBC reports:

Israel has carried out an air strike on the Gaza Strip for the first time since an eight-day war ended in a truce last November.

In the third paragraph they note this is in response to rocket attacks from Gaza, on Tuesday – which they didn’t report.

The BBC also didn’t report the attacks back on the 26th of February, which were the first to break the truce. Others did.

Reuters: Rocket explodes in Israel, first attack from Gaza since November truce.
ABC news Australia: First rocket attack since Gaza truce.
Trade Arabia: Gaza rocket attacks Israel, first since truce

Is it the case that rocket attacks only matter when Israel responds to them? The headline “Israel launches first air strike on Gaza since truce” may be technically accurate, but in the context of not reporting rocket attacks from the other protagonists, a casual reader might be given the impression that the truce was first broken by Israel. “Israel launches an airstrike on Gaza in response to further truce-breaking rocket attacks by Palestinians.” might be more accurate.

In fact, out of the 5 months since the truce was signed, only in 2 (December and January) were there no rocket attacks that hit Israel, and that’s if you don’t count a missile that was launched and crashed back into Gaza in December.

What sort of truce is this?


The BBC have now changed the article, but again a very careful reading is required to obtain the correct timeline of events. A casual reader would think the Israeli airstrikes had provoked the rocket attacks, not the other way round.

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