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In the Chosun of Peace We Enthuasiatically Play Chicken With Nuclear-Armed Superpowers

As he taps out a tune on the DPRK’s upright piano/radar system and announces a state of war with RoK and USA, the Dear Larder appears to have commenced on his first attempt at managed confrontation without parental advice; such as previous take-your-son-to-work days such as the shelling of Yeon Pyeong-do island in November 2010, and sinking of RoK Navy corvette, the Cheonan earlier that year.

This follows a torrid year for the planning committee in which satellite launches failed (where re-launches were successful, the ability to remain in orbit were less so) and nuclear tests may or may not have involved the detonation of nuclear material. Whereas in previous years, such displays of petulance and violent histrionics resulted in increased food and fuel aid, these are failing to impress with ostentatious military displays by the US Air Force and even hints of reduced fuel imports from China.

Dad now has achieved apotheosis (or be consigned to a netherworld populated by the outraged shades of those he had killed), so son will have to rely on his good judgement and words of caution from his advisors who know that any conflict with the US military would be exceedingly short and, if they survived and were unable to scraper to China (or, at a pinch, Zimbabwe), their further survival would not be guaranteed in RoK custody where capital punishment remains.