The Guardian’s Michael White Speaks His Brains on Lord Ahmed

Apparently, when the Guardian’s Assistant Editor, Michael White, heard about Lord Ahmed’s racist conspiracising about Jews and speeding convictions, what immediately sprang to mind was… Israel.

A bit like Lord Ahmed, really.

Surprised to find our Lord Ahmed Jews story not in BBC radio news summaries http://thetim.es/10I7Kpp  (£)

@Dannythefink I agree it’s a stinker and typical of double standards. Pity about the illegal settlements though. Best wishes

@MichaelWhite What have the settlements got to do with it?

@Dannythefink A lot. Whenever one types “double standards” about tendentious Muslim claims those Israeli settlements start waving too.

@MichaelWhite Please, no. A Rotherham man is claiming the Jews helped convict him of a driving offence. What has Israel to do with it?



Michael White concludes:

@Dannythefink Danny, you’re a good chap, and I know what you’re doing. But it’s not a healthy or wise reflex, quite the reverse. x


What does he mean by that? Answers in the comments below.

You can explore the conversation further via the twitter link, here.

Here’s Michael White interviewing Gerald Kaufman at a meeting organised by the Middle East Monitor (“MEMO”). MEMO is a pro-Hamas organisation, run by Daud Abdullah: the man who supports an attack on the Royal Navy were it to stop Hamas arming itself.

UPDATE – Read David Hirsh