Stephen Sizer on “professional Eastern European murder[ers]”

Have a read of Daphne Anson’s piece.

Sizer’s mate:

if Britain did not import to Palestine those professional eastern european murders we would now be living in our peace in our home


I agree with you Salim – that’s why I wrote the book Christian Zionism

Sizer’s mate is Salim Nazzal, who has previously pondered about how “Russian and Polish Jews” “destroyed Palestine”:

Each year on May 15th, Palestinians commemorate the war crimes committed by East European Jews and ask the same question: how did the so-called “Holocaust survivors” bring themselves to murder pregnant women, babies and others, put explosives in crowded Palestinian markets in the Palestinians towns, Haifa, Jafa, and Jerusalem, at schools and in orphanages and terrorize and expel a whole nation? Do Zionist Jews have hearts like other human beings, and if so how could they allow themselves to murder innocent people who had done no wrong to them?

Sizer and Nazzal were both present at the Nakba Indonesia conference in 2008, where Holocaust denier Fred Tobin was also present, at the invite of Ayatollah Khomeini’s daughter, Zahra Mostafavi.

I wonder how the Bishop of Guildford is getting on with his investigation into concerns about antisemitism regarding Stephen Sizer.


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