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Oxford BDS Motion Likely to Fail

Jonny Paul in the JPost has the story:

 A controversial motion calling for a blanket boycott of Israel by students at Oxford University is expected to be resoundingly rejected this week.

Currently there are only six votes in favor of the motion, around 64 against and 17 abstentions according to sources. Oxford University’s collegiate system is made up of 38 colleges and six private halls founded by various Christian denominations. Each college has a “junior common room” that votes at the OUSU. The number of votes each college has is determined by the size of the college.

Amazing, this:

The motion was proposed by Emily Cousens, a politics, philosophy and economics student at Wadham College. It was originally seconded by Wolfson College student Yulin Zhang, however he pulled out “after reflecting on the issue and not being comfortable with it.”

“I’m surprised that a motion to support a movement that was described by the president of Harvard University as anti-Semitic is even under discussion at the union,” Henry Watson from Magdalen College told The Jerusalem Post on Monday.

“My fellow students at Magdalen College were repulsed at the idea of being associated with the BDS movement, especially considering past racist statements and Nazi allusions made by its founder, Omar Barghouti. We voted almost unanimously against any involvement with a movement that would apply a double standard to Israel.”