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Mehdi vs Irshad

If I lived in the Oxford area I’d be very tempted by this event, a head to head between Mehdi Hasan and Irshad Manji.  Manji is a Canadian writer who is associated with a reform/progressive interpretation of Islam. Following the publication of her book The Trouble with Islam Today she received many death threats. Hasan is a British political journalist. He has been criticized here on more than one occasion, but has also written pieces criticising Iran’s treatment of apostates and Turkey’s blasphemy laws. 

The two speakers will tackle questions such as these: 

- Has Islam been hijacked by extremists?

- Does Islam need reform?

- Do critics simply encourage Islamophobia or is there too little criticism to begin with?

The debate will take place on Friday 1 March at 19.30. Do register here if you would like to attend.