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The best justice money can buy?

Guest post by Andrew Murphy

Looks like the dreams of the anarcho-libertarians are coming true in New Jersey. Because of budget cuts in cash-strapped cities (the state has lost over 4,000 police officers since 2008), citizens are turning to private detectives to solve robberies, murders and rapes.

The privatization of the judicial system is now in play. Of course when citizens find out that these detective agencies charge $150 an hour, justice becomes, more than ever, a huge gap between rich citizens and poor citizens. Which is one of the reasons why we all learned in the 19th century, that some things are better off done collectively like law enforcement and fire departments.

Gene adds:
This is worse than the privatized police force in “Robocop.” At least the cyborg policeman in that movie was programmed to stop crime regardless of the wealth or poverty of the victims.