Lynch mobs?

As Howard Fuller noted below and The Weekly Worker reported:

[SWP Central Committee member] Alex [Callinicos]… summed up the session: The crisis has been driven from within the party. Richard Seymour is the principal culprit. He is an eclectic thinker; he grabs ideas from everywhere—including even Bob Jessop!—and throws them into an “incoherent mess.”

Martin Smith must be allowed to fully return to political activity…

…There’s no way a 3 month discussion period before the special conference will be allowed. It would “destroy” us. If party members refuse to accept the legitimacy of the decisions taken at the special conference, “lynch mobs” (his words) will be formed. [He didn’t say whether or not he’d give a green light to such organisations.]

Seriously, despite out extensive differences, I hope Seymour and the other SWP dissidents watch their backs.

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