Another victory for Nanny State Britain

It really doesn’t get more pathetic than this.

Schoolboy excluded for wearing regular rather than clip-on tie

Max Richmond, 13, said the clip-on ones were uncomfortable and childish. He prefered to wear a traditional tie of exactly the same design, given to him by a neighbour.

He was put into educational isolation for a day, for wearing the proper tie at Colne Community School in Brightlingsea, Essex.

He was given work to complete on his own in a small cubicle.

The 1,438-pupil school insisted pupils wore clip-on ties for health and safety reasons.

As a nation, are we really going to stand for this? Isn’t it time we put the breaks on this moronic cultural drift? What can be done? How can we dislodge the cretins who have somehow managed to inveigle their way into positions of authority over us?

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