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How about this?

Still working class inside, The Chilterns.

12 February, 2013 

We were chatting over a coffee, simple filter, not Nescafe (baby-killers) and started to think out loud. Nigel Slater’s dumbing-down of cookery means he rarely uses any of the interesting ingredients in my local deli. The left needs to unite and stop letting the neo-fascists talk down to us.

Or this?

Milliband 4 PM, Hampstead.

12 February, 2013 

I don’t go to the pub often since I hate commercial lagers, but I was drinking an American Pale Ale with a friend yesterday and it really got us thinking. Of course Church is important but our little Sophia managed to fit in Diwali, Ramadan, Kwanza and, of course, Chanukah, just in her small group of friends. But that’s the fallout from having PM Bliar for a decade!

Do you agree with this?

Gwyn Trig-Hampsteath, Close to Nirvana.

12 February, 2013 

It occured to me recently after an entire afternoon at the Southwell vintner, had we tasted anything that could match the Malbecs we had on our most recent trip to Chile? In an age of rampant consumerism and on-demand television, can we really be surprised that the new generation would rather listen to hip hop than appreciate the subversive nature of the works of Arnold Schoenberg? Why can’t we all just get along?

And how many recommends do you think this will get?

Tax the bankers!, Bucks.

12 February, 2013 

After spending three years in a Tibetan Buddhist monastery, I find that I am able to see much more clearly the interconnections between today’s geo-political imbalances and many of our social predicaments – for instance: I’m so glad we ended our 4 week holiday through Central Asia with an afternoon of volunteering at a Mongolian orphanage – it really made us feel we were giving something back at this time of global crisis. It’s all Thatcher’s fault.

They’re all the product of Tom Forth’s CIF Random Comment Generator. Excellent – although the database of Guardianesque phrases could be expanded.