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“Questions to which the Answer is No”

John Rentoul has a series of posts, entitled “Questions to which the Answer is No“.

I very much hope he includes the following in his list of such inquiries. Like most such “Questions”, the answer is very obviously “no”, except to the very very deluded. Nevertheless, as no denial ever seems to satisfy those who wish that the answer was “yes”, it is useful to have it here, on Youtube, in an easy to reference format.

Sackur asks (at 4:44):

The Saudi newspaper Al Sharq reported just the other day that you are now prepared to accept a two state solution. You have told this, according to the newspaper, to King Abdullah and you’ve asked King Abdullah to…of Jordan…to relay this message to President Obama. Is that true?

Meshaal answers:

“This is not true”

Here’s the video: