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Wishing for the Death of George Galloway MP

I wouldn’t wish for the death of George Galloway. I wouldn’t wish for anybody’s death, really. But particularly not George Galloway.

Here’s my guilty confession. About the time of Big Brother, my attitude to the Gorgeous One shifted. He seemed less – wicked; more frail. Over the years, I’ve stopped seeing the demagogue, and started to see instead, a weak man, whose only real desire is fame, material comfort, and the opportunity to have sex with olive skinned women. Are these such evil motives?

In any case, somebody who did – in jest – call for George Galloway to kill himself is potentially in hot water:

Bradford West MP George Galloway has called for immediate action against a Keighley councillor who posted an online comment saying the politician should “top” himself.

Coun Steve Pullen (Labour, Keighley East), chairman of Bradford Council’s Keighley Area Committee, made the comment on Twitter on Sunday in reply to anti-Galloway user Where’s George.

The spoof feed said: “Will George actually do something for Bradford West this week?” to which Coun Pullen replied: “Maybe top himself?”

Where’s George replied: “Only if he can do it live on Gaza TV.”

Coun Pullen claims it was only a lighthearted exchange, but it led to a furious response from Mr Galloway, who described the councillor as “a disgrace to humanity”.

Mr Galloway said: “I don’t know who Councillor Steve Pullen is, but he’s an absolute disgrace, not just to the Labour party, but to humanity. It’s just a small step to encouraging someone to kill me.

“I have already received death threats in Bradford and while I am sure that Pullen is just a big bag of wind, a tweet like this reveals exactly the kind of person he is. Odious in the extreme. I hope the electors of Keighley East take note.”

Yesterday the MP’s office wrote to Bradford Council Leader David Green and Labour Leader Ed Milliband calling for some kind of punishment. He added: “A man like this has no place in public life, far less an important role in a party I was proud to be a member of for more than 30 years.”

Erm…. George… Aren’t you forgetting something?

MP George Galloway has said it could be “morally justified” to assassinate Tony Blair, but stressed he was not calling for his death.

In an interview with GQ magazine he was asked whether a suicide bomb attack on Mr Blair would “be justified as revenge for the war on Iraq”.

He said it would be morally equivalent to Mr Blair “ordering” Iraqi deaths.

But Mr Galloway said he would not support an attack and would tell the authorities if he knew of any plot.

Of course, this is completely different. As I’m sure George would say.