East London Mosque Hosts a Rally for Terrorist Lovers

You have seen the East London Mosque’s latest lie, prompted by the “Muslim patrols” in East London:

The East London Mosque is committed to building co-operation and harmony between all communities in this borough.

The truth is that the mosque is a home for vicious hate preachers and extremists who support terrorists.

Consider yet another extremist event due to be held at the mosque’s London Muslim Centre later this month. It will champion Aafia Siddiqui.

First, some background. In 2010, Siddiqui was convicted in open court in New York of attempting to murder American and Afghan soldiers and officials in 2008.

She used the legal proceedings as a platform for twisted antisemitic outbursts:

On questioning during jury selection: “The next question is going to be on anti-Semitism, and all I said was Israel was behind 9/11, and that’s not anti-Semitism!”

On Jewish lawyers: Previously she had tried to fire her lawyers due to their Jewish background (she once wrote to the court that Jews are “cruel, ungrateful, back-stabbing” people).

On Jewish mental health specialists: But at the Texas medical centre where the tests took place, Siddiqui refused to co-operate. “I can’t hear you. I’m not listening,” she told one doctor, sitting on the floor with her fingers in her ears. Others reported that she refused to speak with Jews.

On potential jurors: “If they have a Zionist or Israeli background . . . they are all mad at me. I have a feeling everyone here is them [sic] – subject to genetic testing. They should be excluded if you want to be fair.”

Convicted, she said: “This is a verdict coming from Israel, not America. Your anger should be directed where it belongs. I can testify to this and I have proof.”

She has also been named by the US as “an Al Qaeda operative and facilitator.”

Siddiqui appealed. Her appeal was rejected late last year.

The appeals court also sided with Berman [the judge in the original case] in finding that Siddiqui had likely premeditated the attack, and that terrorism sentencing requirements were applicable because of her willingness to harm Americans.

Her cause has been taken up by a number of the worst in Britain, led by the sad attention seeker Yvonne Ridley. They have told many tales about her and her children being abducted by the CIA in Pakistan in 2003 and detained in the Bagram base in Afghanistan. Those tales have been flatly rejected by the US government. The judge in her court case agreed:

For example, referring to the five-year period of Ms. Siddiqui’s disappearance and claims of torture, he said, “I am aware of no evidence in the record to substantiate these allegations or to establish them as fact.”

He added: “There is no credible evidence in the record that the United States officials and/or agencies detained Dr. Siddiqui” before her 2008 arrest.

In fact, her former husband too has said these accounts are simply not true.

So, who would champion such a woman at the East London Mosque? Here you go.

Let’s take a look at Shakeel Begg, one of the speakers. He is a perfect example of the East London Mosque’s real approach to extremists, which is “let them in and help them”.

Begg used to be an imam at the Lewisham Islamic Centre, another hatred centre in London. The East London Mosque’s top imam, Abdul Qayyum, is evidently quite fond of the Lewisham centre.

These days Shakeel Begg is at the Redbridge Islamic Centre, which also promotes extremists.

For example, this weekend Begg will speak at Redbridge alongside Murtaza Khan, a “death to gays” hater; London’s Taliban and Al Qaeda PR man Moazzam Begg of Cageprisoners; and the raving antisemite and death cultist Haitham Al-Haddad.

Here is Shakeel Begg at a Cageprisoners rally.

Note Begg’s explicit salute to jihadis who ended up in Guantanamo:

“…[it is] inspiring to be amongst some of our brothers who made hijra [migration] in the path of Allah, who made jihad in the path of Allah, who suffered in the path of Allah, our brothers from Guantanamo Bay. May Allah have mercy upon them, may Allah accept all their good deeds and all their fasting especially in the month of Ramadan, and may Allah grant them jannah [paradise].”

Here he is at another rally for terrorists staged by Hhugs, a group dedicated to serving terror prisoners in the UK.

Once again the language is explicit:

Helping the families of brothers who are in prison, giving to those families, supporting those families, coming to their aid when they are in times of need and help, is like as if we are making jihad in the path of Allah. And we know jihad in the path of Allah is of the greatest of deeds that a Muslim can take part in.

Furthermore, Shakeel Begg tells Muslims to see the police as the devil, at war with Islam. Even giving a speech to police officers is a betrayal of Allah. This makes him a threat to national security.

Helping Palestinian terrorists, by contrast, is just great. According to a report in the Sunday Times in 2006, this is a line he offers young British Muslim students:

Shakeel Begg, another radical cleric, recently urged students at Kingston University, southwest London, to wage jihad in Palestine. In a tape-recorded speech obtained by The Sunday Times, Begg, who is a Muslim chaplain at Goldsmiths College, part of London University, said: “You want to make jihad? Very good . . . Take some money and go to Palestine and fight, fight the terrorists, fight the Zionists.”

This is the real world of the East London Mosque. It is many, many miles away from the lies so eagerly swallowed by so many idiots in this country.

A number of those idiots work for us, by the way. Over the last six financial years the East London Mosque has received £2.9 million of public sector funding.

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