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The Poor Jewish Communists

There’s a long and fascinating account at Anna Chen’s blog on the SWP’s current “Sex Implosion“. The article provides an insight into the cultish nature of the party, and the toll – both financial and emotional – which it takes on members.

During the course of discussing the SWP’s role in the Stop The War Coalition, Anna Chen makes a shocking, but unsurprising revelation:

When a Jewish socialist group requested platform time to speak against the war, they were refused on the grounds that their presence would alienate Muslims. The guy who’d made their case protested and was told that “you people” were “too sensitive.”


Michael Ezra adds:

Andrew Coates has commented upon this. He makes the following observation:

I know the comrade who made this suggestion of inviting the Jewish Socialist Group (and the partner of the then Chair of the Socialist Alliance).

He also described to me how he was the person who said how hard it had been to get a condemnation of the 9/11 murders out of the STWC – like wrenching a tooth out.