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Super Bowl XLVII ad watch

For those dying to see the Mercedes commercial for which this was a teaser, here it is:

So now we know why “Sympathy for the Devil” was on the soundtrack. The message is that a Mercedes CLA is affordable enough that you don’t need to sell your soul to Willem Dafoe to obtain one, and all the alleged benefits that come with it.

Clever enough, I suppose.

Amid the usual run of over-produced, raunchy and trying-too-hard-to-be-witty Super Bowl commercials, this one for the Ram pickup truck– for all its hokeyness– stood out:

It features the voice of the late Paul Harvey, a conservative radio commentator of a somewhat gentler and more modest inclination than today’s buffoons and blowhards.

Do I dare mention that the Ram pickup is (in the words of Steve Earle) “built by union labor on American soil“? And that its continued (and now profitable) production was made possible by the federal bailout of Chrysler.

Oh, what the hell…

(BTW, the Ravens beat the Niners 34-31.)