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NINE Rapes “Investigated” By The SWP?

Don’t you find this, to put it mildly, amazing?

I have also faced the argument that the DC has investigated 9 rapes in the past (I’m not clear on how recently these ‘investigations’ were conducted).  I believe this argument is put forward to reassure comrades of the competency of the DC.  I don’t find it reassuring in the slightest; in fact I find it terrifying.

At the moment, Seymour and his mates have it in mind that they’re going to wrestle the Socialist Workers Party away from the “old guard” who have run it for years. Then, with him and his Richard Fairbrass lookalike mate, China Miéville will turn it around and get back to the serious business of overthrowing liberal democracy.

Here’s the problem.

Seymour and Miéville and all the supposed “dissenters” sat on their hands for years and years, as a culture of sexual harassment and rape was promoted and protected in their cultish party. They did nothing. They said nothing. They are every much part of the problem as the old guard that they hope to replace.

So, congratulations lads, for finally having the guts to speak out against your “comrades”. Too little. Too late.