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Richard Dawkins on the prospect of an EU referendum

Three tweets on Europe here which I thought might prompt an interesting discussion, either about the projected EU referendum itself, or on referenda more generally. Richard Dawkins opened the exchange by asking:

“In UK We elect MPs to decide complex issues. Why a plebiscite on, of ALL things, a subject as complex & hard to understand as EU membership?”

(And I think we know the answer to that one.) Anthony Cox responded:

“That’s Richard Dawkins there, telling most of UK citizens that they don’t have the intellect to handle a debate on the EU.”

And Andy Lewis replied:

“I would suggest that for me the biggest issue is that no open and meaningful debate will take place.”

I’m rather minded to agree with Richard Dawkins – and feel it will take more time than I probably have to spare to reach a really informed view of this issue, although it is clearly extremely important.