More on the East London Mosque and Homophobia

You’ve have seen the “dirty bloody fag” video which shows a self-styled “Muslim Patrol” promoting their vision of moral virtue.

Here is the BBC’s report, which contains the following:

The East London Mosque responded to the video saying: “Individuals claiming to be self-styled ‘Muslim patrols’ have been harassing members of the public on the streets of east London late at night, including outside our mosque after it has closed.

“These actions are utterly unacceptable and clearly designed to stoke tensions and sow discord. We wholly condemn them.

“The actions of this tiny minority have no place in our faith nor on our streets.”

You’ll remember that the East London Mosque was also at the centre of the “Gay Free Zone” scandal. It held a series of meetings with Rainbow Hamlets – who helped to cancel a proposed local “Gay Pride” event, which risked being infiltrated by the English Defence League. As quid pro quo, the ELM and London Muslim Centre was supposed to take part in a Faith and Homophobia conference – obviously, they didn’t show up.

During the course of the Gay Free Zone furore, the ELM’s pitiful track record for promoting hate preachers came under the spotlight. So they lyingly claimed to have banned anti-gay hate preachers:

Any speaker who is believed to have said something homophobic will not be allowed to use our premises, whether that is us organising an event or someone else. As for the condemnation of homophobia, our director has gone on the record on this.

Here is Rainbow Hamlets’ response to the ELM/LMC:

 We welcome the conversations we have had with ELM and LMC and the statement on your website that says:“those hate preachers who circumvented our bookings policy in the past are now barred; our vetting procedures for speakers and guests appearing at our mosque and centre have been significantly tightened over the past year”.

All too often, these issues are dealt with in ways that create enormous tensions and hurt, reinforce ignorance and disrespect, and build anger and hatred. At the same time, whatever good words are said to us in meetings in private, they are only of value if they lead to public action. Otherwise, what use are they in building understanding between communities when tensions exist?

At present there are too many unanswered questions. This letter is our effort to establish a publicly accountable process of dialogue to resolve these issues as respectfully, and with as much integrity, as possible.

The ELM/LMC’s reaction to requests to ban these hatemongers was to “go quiet” for a few months, and then return to hosting the worst of Britain’s extremists. It is pretty clear that promoting hatred is part of the ELM/LMC’s core mission.

The ELM/LMC has hosted the following anti-gay hate preachers in the month of December, alone:

Ibrahim Hewitt: – a “reformed” white racist, who now works for the Hamas fundraising charity, Interpal. He wrote  “What Does Islam Say?”, a pamphlet explaining what he sees as the Islamic approach to several social and political issues. Apostates and proven adulterers get the death penalty.  Sexually active gays must face “severe punishments” for their “great sin”, possibly including death.

Hewitt appeared at the ELM/LMC on the 29th December, where he was raising money for Hamas.


Murtaza Khan:

Now what is the punishment? According to the Bible, excuse me, this is a Christian country. Read the history of this country. Christian country. According to the Bible, the Bible says the person should be thrown down from a mountain and then stoned on top of that. That’s what Isa [Jesus] told you people. But they teach “no, you’re homophobic”. And those Christians who stand up against this abominable action, which goes against humanity, then they’re fundamentalists like us as well then.

I’m not homophobic. I believe in a natural way of life. I’m repeating you what your Bible tells you. In the hadith you find: “You find the people doing the action of Lot, kill the one who does the action and the one the action is being done to.” [4:40]

As you can see, he appeared at the ELM/LMC on the 21st December, where the former Cat Stephens was to have been the “Special Guest”. Ride on the peace train.

Hamza Tsorzis:

Hence Islam has viewed the public expression of homosexuality as a crime and as a result has placed a mechanism in which to protect its vision for society.

This doesn’t mean that homosexuals are to be seen as anything other than human. The Islamic tradition argues that one must be just and express sincere kindness to all people. Homosexuality is just one of many sexual practices that do not fit with the Islamic vision of society such as sex outside of marriage, wife-swapping and swingers parties! Many Muslims have had their own internal struggles with expressing their procreation instinct. With their conviction in the Islamic way of life, they have successfully re-constructed their dispositions to be in line with what they love, agree with and submit to – Islam.

Some people object to Islam making the public expression of homosexuality a criminal act. This is subjective and only strikes a chord amongst those who cannot escape the social constructs in their own societies.

There are societies past and present which accepted paedophilia and canabilism as normal parts of human life and they would find Western society oppressive preventing them from carrying out these practices.

He was at the ELM/LMC on 16th December.

Imam Suliman Gani appeared on Channel 4, in 2010:

Another controversial short film offering radically different perspectives on homosexuality and sin. Imam Suliman Gani believes that it is clear from the Qur’an that God created ‘Adam and Eve and not Adam and Steve’.

He was at the ELM/LMC on 6th December, where he was raising money for the Hamas-supporting Ummah Welfare Trust.

The ELM/LMC is lying when they say that they’ve banned hate preachers. They love hate preachers, and they hate gay people.

And then, we’re surprised when gay people are bullied and abused in the streets around their institution.

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