Pretending To Be A Jihadist To Cover Up The Fact That You’re Boring

This is the most popular item on the BBC website, at the moment:

A “total fantasist” who posted gruesome videos on Facebook of al-Qaeda beheading captives has been jailed for five years.

Craig Slee, 42, of Trawden Crescent, Preston, pleaded guilty to four offences under the 2006 Terrorism Act.

Slee also admitted possession of a prohibited weapon.

On sentencing him at Preston Crown Court, Judge Anthony Russell QC said the videos Slee uploaded revealed “shocking and barbaric depravity”.

Slee also put online links to a communique by al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), claiming those from the west were “Crusaders” and encouraging terrorism.

Thing is, he appears not even to have been a Muslim:

The court heard, Slee created a false identity and set up a Facebook page – using the alter-ego Hashim X Shakur – and created another account called FB Mujahideen.

On his Hashim X Shakur Facebook account, Slee claimed to be a Muslim and provided personal information about himself, the majority of which was false.

He later told police he did this in order to make him sound more interesting.

However, the court heard Slee has no connection to the Taliban, Al-Qaeda or any other terrorist network or organisation.

The thing is, I suspect that the vast majority of people who get involved in jihadist politics in this country are boring little twerps with nothing interesting to say for themselves, who hope that a little bit of Al Qaeda will make them more edgy and attractive to the ladies.

Not to worry. I expect CagePrisoners will be campaigning for the release of this Barry from Four Lions. Perhaps they can persuade Amnesty to take up his case.

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