Were SWP Members Forced To Buy Atzmon Tickets?

Andy Lawson – a long standing SWP activist who writes as “Keith Watermelon” – has a guest post up at Richard Seymour’s blog, Lenin’s Tomb.

It contains some amusing delusions of grandeur. For example, this:

The entire working class has an interest in what happens in the SWP, and we should not be scared of the views of other socialists.

Or this:

 [T]he SWP remains, for all I’ve said, the best thing the British working class has at its disposal.

It also reveals the following:

At its most extreme, the sycophancy appears cult-like.  A number of CC members are big fans of jazz music.  Under their leadership over the past few years, the party has organised a number of (mostly loss-making) jazz gigs as fundraising events.  Regardless of their own musical tastes, comrades were told they were disloyal if they didn’t purchase tickets.  This elevates the cultural tastes of the official leadership to a point of political principle; and clearly is not in any way a healthy state of affairs.

Martin Smith toured around the United Kingdom, in a series of SWP fundraising gigs, alongside the racist and Holocaust denier, Gilad Atzmon. Atzmon is also a jazz musician.

As has now been widely reported, Martin Smith is said to be “Comrade Delta”.

Incidentally, if you’d like to see Andy Lawson’s mad ranty SWP rhetorical style on display you can see him here. He was speaking alongside the alleged rapist, Martin Smith.

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