Fidesz shows its true colors

Eva S. Balogh of Hungarian Spectrum writes that the ruling rightwing Fidesz party of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is no longer trying to conceal its hostility to Roma and Jews.

She reports that the center-left DK party– spurred by the disgusting comments of prominent Fidesz member Zsolt Bayer– recently organized an anti-racist demonstration outside Fidesz headquarters in Budapest. They were met by a Fidesz banner proclaiming: “Don’t take the side of the murderers, don’t listen to Ron Werber!”

The “murderers” refers to an assault in a bar in which two youths were severely injured by a Roma.

Ron Werber is an Israeli political consultant who worked with Hungary’s socialist MSZP party, from which DK split.

Ron Werber became famous in the “campaign business” as Israeli Prime Minister Yitshak Rabin’s campaign manager in 1992. Ten years later the Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP) contracted Werber and won – reversing an originally losing position. After Werber left, MSZP hired American advisers Tal Silberstein and Jeremy Rosner, whom László Kövér referred to as “Rózenkranc és Szilverstein.” So, whether the advisers come from Israel or the United States Fidesz’s emphasis was on their Jewishness, says Zsófia Miháncsik in today’s Galamus.
So, the opposition takes the side of murderers and MSZP gets its cues from Israel or from American Jews. I think this is pretty clear.

(Hat tip: Karl Pfeifer)

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