The neocons of Kafranbel

I suppose that’s what the “anti-imperialists” of the Left and the isolationists of the Right would call the brave people of the small and devastated town in northwestern Syria who have produced some of the most powerful and imaginative banners of the Syrian uprising.

While proclaiming their defiance of their own government, the people of Kafranbel have not spared President Obama, comparing his failure to act more forcefully against the Assad regime to what they believe would have been a more robust response from George W. Bush and the Republicans.

I share their frustration and anger on this (it’s my strongest disagreement with Obama), but I’m not sure Bush (or Mitt Romney) would be acting any differently.

On Friday they appealed once again to the UK to do more than just talk.

For their troubles, the people of Kafranbel were subjected in November to a ferocious bombardment of their homes by Assad’s air force, killing dozens, including children.

And yet still they turn out in their hundreds every Friday in an effort to touch the world’s conscience. I, for one, am not immune.

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