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Kindred spirits

As you watch this informative colloquy on “gun rights” between CNN’s Piers Morgan and professional wingnut Alex Jones, keep in mind that Jones once got George Galloway to agree that a “false flag” terror attack by the “military-industrial complex,” to be blamed on Iran, was a “very real danger,” and that Jones’s loony website Infowars frequently links to Galloway’s rants.

I don’t know Galloway’s views on gun control, but anyone familiar with Galloway’s style of arguing with antagonists will recognize some startling similarities.

Those who denounced Galloway only after his notorious rape comments– or worse still, continue to defend him– have a lot of explaining to do.

Update: Can anyone explain what it means when Galloway starts dressing like this?

Alan A responds:

This came to mind:

Or for those of you who remember ‘Allo ‘Allo:

Further update: It seems Alex Jones was invited to appear on Piers Morgan’s program because Kurt Nimmo, a writer for Jones’s website, initiated a petition to have Morgan deported because of his views on gun control. The petition has received more than 100,000 signatures.

Nimmo is a former writer for the late Alexander Cockburn’s Counterpunch and a Holocaust denier.