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A weekend miscellany

I recommend this hard hitting piece by a GP, Anna Pilkington, about the devastating impact of work capability assessments on vulnerable patients. And here’s another forthright article from the Guardian – Sunny Hundal on the problems faced by women in India.

It’s been interesting to read about a visit to Israel by the Egyptian peace activist Maikel Nabil Sanad. He was challenged about why he hadn’t visited Ramallah – in fact this was the reason (although I understand he has since managed to get there safely). And here, in case people have missed it, is a sobering piece about Israel’s shift to the right from Jonathan Freedland.

Ben Six’s recent piece on theocracy in the UK rightly attracted much attention and praise, but he is interested in a wide range of topics and posts here on bad science in journalism. Bad science is a key preoccupation of the Quackometer and here Andy Lewis celebrates the apparent demise of state-funded homeopathy.

The Council of ex Muslims has recently impinged on me – as well as following them on Twitter I’ve dipped into their forum – here’s an interesting recent post where they define their position and analyse why so many are reluctant to support them.  Student Rights has just posted a piece on the kind of extremist the CEMB deplores – Haitham al-Haddad who is now, via Sabeel, targeting a student audience with his message of intolerance. Here, by contrast, is Qasim Rashid on his New Year’s Resolution.

Finally – here’s Steve Hynd on the important question of whether or not it’s ok to call someone a cunt on Twitter.