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Richard Silverstein is now too crazy for 9/11 Troofers

Justin Raimondo has got standards. At, you can argue that Israel brought down the World Trade Centre or that a cabal of Jews is running US foreign policy. But please, folks, don’t make it personal.

Richard Silverstein evidently wrote an attack piece on Iranian-Israeli analyst Meir Javedanfar for the website Raimondo runs, a piece that, without even reading it, probably means that Javedanfar once politely critised Silverstein’s understanding of Iran in email, in print or in person and suddenly found himself being called a Kahanist-MEK sleeper or somesuch. Anyway, Raimondo read it and was unimpressed (Javedanfar doesn’t want war on Iran, innit).

The ensuing Twitter exchange — via Adam Holland — is quite funny.