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An apology to Robert Spencer

“Deception, taqiya, and lies are essential to advancing Islam (according to the unflushable Koran.)” 

Following this post, and particular the update, I have done some further digging into this question of who knew the 9/11 themed ads were up and when.  I have already linked to Pamela Geller’s post of 27 December in which she proudly displays a poster from the new campaign at a metro stop.

But judging from this exchange, which took place a couple of days later, it does in fact seem likely that Spencer may have genuinely believed the ads weren’t up, as he responds angrily to a suggestion they might have influenced Menendez, and quotes Geller saying ‘first off, my ads are not up yet in the subways’, an assertion which comes from this post, published on 29 December.

On 31 December, yesterday, she was at it again. She quoted this extract from an article by Wajahat Ali.

In light of SIOA’s recent propaganda in NYC subway stations, it is not far-fetched to wonder if Mendez’s [sic] hate toward Sen was in some way influenced by these ads.

And responded:

Yes, it is. The ads aren’t actually up now, and Menendez never mentioned them. She mentioned 9/11 only. But Ali wants you to forget that.

Perhaps Pamela Geller owes Robert Spencer an apology for putting him in such an awkward situation, for making the misleading though technically correct assertion that the ads are not yet up in the subways.

In the post from which I took the opening quotation about taqiya she claims that some Muslims devise their own definitions and strategies for getting round awkward questions.  She has a point in some instances – but she also seems to have learnt from such strategies herself.