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Union branch secretary dismissed from job just before Xmas

All the information available about the case of David Muritu is coming from committed trade unionists and other natural sympathisers.  But, based on this information, there certainly seem to be grounds for alarm here:

On December 20th Dave Muritu, a known local socialist trades union activist, was sacked from his position as Maths lecturer. This followed disregard of the college disciplinary procedure (no evidence was presented 3 days in advance of the hearing), without anything other than deductive reasoning (his sacking was linked to results, with no regard for competency procedure or accurate review of statistical significance (his results are above national average).

Apparently the only stated reason for Muritu’s dismissal relates to a single set of Maths (AS) results,  and to his alleged failure to support students adequately outside the classroom. However, there are several messages of support from (named) former students on this petition – and one would in any case normally expect such shortcomings to be addressed in a less draconian way by management. Even if there is more to this than meets the eye, due process should have been followed in any disciplinary proceedings.

The dismissal has taken place within a context of clear antagonism between management and the local UCU branch – it is being reported that three other active members are facing disciplinary action.   It is – of course – impossible to comment on these cases, but it is not unheard of for trade unionists to be targeted or blacklisted by employers.  Some people are anxious about even joining a union, let alone taking a more active role, in the current climate.  Whatever the rights and wrongs of particular case – and whatever objections we may have to some of their preoccupations – trade unionists have achieved a great deal for their members (and non-members), and are continually facing opposition, even persecution, around the world.

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