Dress Down Friday

The persecution of Sheikh Mo Dawah

This is a guest post by Khadija Burlington Smythe

It does not surprise me that you so-called defenders of free speech at Harry’s Place have been quick to defend a law-breaking enemy of Islam, but have said not a peep about the continuing persecution of Sheikh Mo Dawah, whose precious words have been repeatedly silenced by his enemies and detractors.  Let us all hope, for their own sake, that they soon see the error of their ways.

The Sheikh is currently at liberty, and has indeed been kind enough to spare some time to describe my own humble efforts and recent travails in the cause of Da’wah.  Before shadowy forces behind the scenes yet again try to close his account down, I advise you to take advantage of his wise and benign message of peace.

Some commenters have been asserting that Islam is an enemy of free speech. Not so – and here is Sheikh Mo Dawah’s eloquent explanation, revealed to me in a private communication.

For an Islamic principle to be in conformity with Islamic principle a principle must be in conformity with itself. This can be confusing. Therefore it requires men like me schooled in Islamic sciences of rationalism to interpret what is in conformity with Islam, and what is free speech, what is mischief making, and what is sincere. This is a burden I accept with reluctance but see it as my duty to serve my deen and my society of Britain, which is threatened by rascals, so-called secularism & anti-faith bigotry.

Although no one can be a greater advocate for free speech than myself, I do wonder – what are the motives of those who would explore further matters which have already been satisfactorily resolved?  And I hope you will all think long and hard (and perhaps contact Cage Prisoners while you are at it) about why Sheikh Mo Dawah has been banned from sharing his pearls of truth and clarity, when EDL supporters tweet unopposed?

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