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Tony Lerman Apologises

The far Left Pluto Press - home to such as Hezbollah lobbyist, Alistair Crooke and Atzmon supporter, Jonathan Crooke - has published an apology and retraction.

Additional Information

Apology and retraction:

A passage in Mr Lerman’s book The Making and Unmaking of a Zionist inaccurately states that Professor Daniel Hochhauser of UCH intentionally misrepresented Mr Lerman’s position or views with regard to the Iranian President to others. This is untrue: Professor Hochhauser was in fact correctly representing a published interview given by Mr Lerman. We will retract that passage of the book from future prints and both we and Mr Lerman have apologised to Professor Hochhauser for the error.

Those of us who have followed Lerman’s miserable trajectory will be not at all surprised to find out that he is a liar.