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Cohen, Julius and Johnson: The Socialism of Fools and Left Antisemitism

A well worth reading discussion in Standpoint

Nick says:

There is a borderless Left, on the margins of British politics. You cannot be a Conservative and cut a deal with the BNP. You can’t form an alliance like this. If it was found that a Conservative Cabinet member had even been in the BNP in his youth, all hell would break loose: I guarantee it. There is a border, a border you can’t cross. There is no border between the far-Left and the mainstream.

The lack of boundaries has also brought into the mainstream not only tiny extremist “Left” parties, but also groups connected specifically to some of the most vicious Islamist parties in South Asia and the Middle East. It hasn’t been just small Trotskyite groups which have brought these cuckoos into the nest – it is some Unions, some Labour MPs, and NGOs such as Amnesty and Unite Against Fascism which have promoted those who in any other context would be regarded as the most vile racists and hatemongers.

The discussion considers how this has happened. A significant part of it is that, following the failure of communism, the Left no longer knows how to define itself. The Left has become, not a political movement, but a way of advertising your moral worth: by giving you the opportunity to line up, visibly and publicly, against “global evil”.

Increasingly, and unfortunately, in one form or other, that means: The Jews.