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Quran Project ads removed by Network Rail?

As an atheist I am used to blanking out Christian advertising.  The Baptist Church down the road from me is fond of chirpy little messages along the lines of ‘what is missing from ch**ch?’ , and the Alpha course has also been advertised widely.  Of course there have been atheist adverts too.

Apparently all the Quran Project’s adverts inviting people to think about Islam have recently been pulled by Network Rail.  These ads seem inoffensive, unless one objects to all religious advertising, and I assume they have of course been paid for.  Any further information or clarification welcomed.

LibertyPhile has pointed out this helpful update.  The ads have been replaced following complaints. Without further information, it would seem that people were right to perceive this as discriminatory (perhaps not intentionally so).  I accept that the project has some unsavoury links, but that fact has never been invoked as an official explanation for pulling the adverts, so is not strictly relevant to this discussion.

Mo Ansar says that the ads have not been replaced.  I don’t know whether that means LibertyPhile’s link was mistaken, or just that they have not yet had time to replace them.