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Consoler in Chief: President Obama speaks in Newtown

It’s a role that Obama, to his credit, fulfills ably.

But as he noted:

Since I’ve been president, this is the fourth time we have come together to comfort a grieving community torn apart by mass shootings, fourth time we’ve hugged survivors, the fourth time we’ve consoled the families of victims.

And in between, there have been an endless series of deadly shootings across the country, almost daily reports of victims, many of them children, in small towns and in big cities all across America, victims whose — much of the time their only fault was being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

We can’t tolerate this anymore. These tragedies must end. And to end them, we must change.

We will be told that the causes of such violence are complex, and that is true. No single law, no set of laws can eliminate evil from the world or prevent every senseless act of violence in our society, but that can’t be an excuse for inaction. Surely we can do better than this.

Update: Meanwhile former Arkansas governor and former Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee says more stupid stuff on his Fox News program. I shudder to think what kind of speech he would have delivered if he had been President.