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Luciana Berger Racially Abused By Music Promoter

The BBC reports:

A Merseyside music promoter has been charged with racially abusing Liverpool Wavertree MP Luciana Berger.

Philip Hayes, 53, is accused of making anti-semitic remarks against Ms Berger after the Liverpool Music Awards on 17 November.

It is alleged to have happened in Renshaw Street as VIPs, including the Labour MP, made their way to a post-show event at the Philharmonic Hall.

Mr Hayes is due before Liverpool Magistrates on 9 January.

There are no further details available.

The way I expect it to pan out is this.

I expect that Hayes will have laid into Luciana Berger about Gaza, and will have said something “unfortunate” – akin to the Steve Hedley “chosen people”/”your friends in the media”  attack on Richard Millett.

He’ll be acquitted when he runs the defence that Luciana Berger is a “leading Zionist” and that he was motivated by concern for the “plight of the Palestinians”.

“Anti-racist” organisations will stay silent about this.

Apologies for the cynicism.