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Sudan arrests another Zionist vulture

CNN reports:

A vulture captured by Sudanese authorities is actually an Israeli spy on a secret reconnaissance mission, a pro-government newspaper in the east African nation has claimed.

Government sources say the vulture, found in western Sudan, was tagged with a GPS-equipped camera to take and send pictures back to Israel, according to a December 8 story in the Alintibaha newspaper.

The bird also wore an ankle label reading “Hebrew University Jerusalem,” “Israel Nature Service” and the contact details of an Israeli avian ecologst.

The ecologist, Ohad Hatzofe of the Israel Nature and Parks Authority, has rejected the Sudanese government claims — saying the vulture, which can fly up to 600 kilometers in a single day, was tagged with GPS equipment to study its migration pattern.

“The Sudanese accusations are untrue,” Hatzofe told CNN. “The GPS gear on these vultures can only tell us where the birds are, nothing else.”

You may recall Saudi Arabia’s apprehension of an avian Zionist spy last year.

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