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How to criticize Israel without being antisemitic

This list is a good start, although it is seriously marred by number 14:

Don’t use the Holocaust/Nazism/Hitler as a rhetorical prop. The Jews who were murdered didn’t set foot in what was then Palestine, let alone take part in Israeli politics or policies. It is wrong and appropriative to try to use their deaths to score political points. Genocide, racism, occupation, murder, extermination—go ahead and use those terms, but leave the Holocaust out of it.

Israel can be fairly accused of many things– but genocide and extermination? No. If in fact you believe Israel is guilty of these crimes, then you are entirely justified in comparing it to Nazi Germany. But if, contrary to all evidence, you do believe this, you are probably antisemitic.

I could add a few more items to the list. Most notably:

Don’t obsessively single out Israel for real or imagined misdeeds while ignoring or excusing equally bad or worse behavior by other countries.

(Hat tip: Bob from Brockley)

Here’s another:

Don’t say that all peoples except the Jewish people have the right to national self-determination.