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Something for the weekend

A couple of links.  The first is to a Stuart Lee routine about Islam.  I worried it might be offensive, but then it was posted on Loonwatch – so it must be ok – phew.

The second is a troubling link to someone who has set up a twitter profile parodying Mo Ansar. I’m sure everyone will feel concerned by this so-called attempt at ‘humour’.

Sarah adds: To clarify – I didn’t really think the Stuart Lee routine was offensive – actually I think I first came across it via Adnan Siddiqui (a director of Cage Prisoners).  I was just flippantly invoking my supposed, and criticised, adherence to Loonwatch.  I think some things which might be offensive to (some) Muslims are funny – eg Jesus and Mo – but I think it would be strange if any Muslim found this offensive.  I suppose some Muslims might find the Mo Ansar parody offensive – well, Mo Ansar might for a start – but I think it’s great.