We wish you a merry hatefest

On the 23rd December, at a venue yet to be announced, a conference entitled ‘Five Great Men’ (a reference to those who are seen as precursors to Muhammed within Islam) will feature the following speakers:

Ustaad Murtaza Khan

Abu Abdisalaam

Imam waseem kempson

Sheikh Abu Usama Ad-Dharbi

Imam Shakeel Begg

Raheem Jung (Islam Channel)

Murtaza Khan has come out with these statements:

“We should have a sense of shame. For how long have we seen our mothers, our sisters, and our daughters have to go and uncover themselves before these filthy non-Muslim doctors.”

“We have become Jews in our clothing, Jews in our eating and Jews in everything that we do, and the other half is Christian in everything we do. Muslims are following one of these accursed nations. And people are still not waking up to understand the fact that these people are enemies towards us.”

The poster advertising this event mentions Jesus (Esa) with respect, and one reason Murtaza Khan apparently respects him is because he believes he wanted homosexuals thrown off a mountain.

Abu Abdissalaam’s views emerge very clearly here:

Tony Blair himself said that he wanted to widen the definition of what he called ‘Reactionary Islam’ – i.e. that ‘version’ of Islam that he is at war with! When you see the attributes of this Reactionary Islam, you find that it includes beliefs such as the stoning to death of the adulterer, cutting the hand of the thief, obligation of hijab, and so on. This is the definition of extremism in the West and this is precisely what their war is against! It is absurd to suggest that we can be allies with them in this!

Absurd indeed. Shakeel Begg has voiced similar views against working with the police and other authorities against extremists.

I posted recently about Usamah At-Thahabi who has:

expressed his disdain for the ‘Kuffar’, asserted that homosexuals (whom he refers as to ‘perverted, dirty, filthy dogs’) should be thrown off a mountain, and called for the death penalty for apostates in an Islamic state.

I’m not sure what the appropriate response is to such a conference, but I do think such speakers and such views should be met with just the same outrage as is routinely, and properly, targeted at far right racists and extremists.  Finally, I’ll remind readers that when a similar event was scheduled recently, the opposition was led by a very forthright Muslim woman who didn’t like to see her faith hijacked by people whose views she found deplorable.

 Hat Tip: Andy

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