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Shami Chameleon

I”ve been trying to track the views of Liberty in the wake of the Leveson report. Unlike the clarity from Index on Censorship, Liberty seems to be having a bit of struggle centred on Shami Chakrabarti. First there was a Mail story, where it was said Chakrabarti was dropping a bombshell. Later, over a croissant with Hugh Grant this claim was all overblown, and Chakrabarti blogged a response at Liberty that led to more confusion. Dan Hodges has been examining the Liberty position and found it wanting:

So on what everyone aggrees are the real fundamentals of the Leveson report, Shami Chakrabarti disagrees with Leveson, the victims, Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg and the rest of the pro-Leveson chorus, and actually supports the stance of David Cameron and the newspaper editors. She doesn’t want anyone to know it. Scared of being seen to be out of step with what she currently perceives to be popular opinion, she is trying to dodge and weave and nuance her way into having her cake and legislating for it.

Cake? This is what happens when you want to enjoy eating croissants with celebs.

Come on Shami, tell us what you really mean.