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An austerity round up

This report in the Observer demonstrates that we are not in this together, describing the disproportionate effect cuts will have on the poorest in society. A couple of pieces on important issues caught my eye over on Liberal Conspiracy recently, first this post by Richard Exell on the stigmatization of people on benefits, and secondly this piece by Nathaniel Matthews on pay-day loans.

This post about Carillion and the GMB isn’t precisely about austerity – except in so far as workers may find it more difficult to stick up for their rights in the current climate – but it’s a fascinating saga.  This seemed like an object lesson in how not to talk about austerity.  Barbara Ellen asks worriedly: ‘no one seemed to be asking the question: are we literally starving students into submission?’ I think there might be a reason why no one is asking that particular question.

Finally – an excellent piece by Nick Cohen about Labour Councils’ responses to austerity.