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The Children of Political Ideology

For political commentators in the public eye, it can sometimes be tempting to develop one’s thinking along ideological lines. A particular ideology might captivate an expert, to the extent that facts and truths must be arranged in such a way, that they will serve to further strengthen the ideology. Should facts obstruct the overarching narrative of the ideology, they are reinterpreted to suit the expert.

Whilst such an approach may assuage doubters initially, oft times this reinterpretation of the facts appears so ludicrous that the pundit himself becomes the object of scorn and ridicule.

This is the genesis of Conspiracy Theory, for when facts do not conform to support a world-view, it is because the facts are not as they seem.

There are people who devote much of their free time, even at the expense of jeopardising their careers and credibility, to proving that certain world events did not occur in the ways that the general public might have ‘been led to believe’, and that there are sinister, hidden hands operating behind the scenes. Many do so earnestly, desperately.

Yet manipulating facts is not always an innocent or pure pursuit. Such practice at times leads to the corruption of one’s own thinking. Meretricious arguments are preferred to sound reason, and, like the Picture of Dorian Gray, the expert is seduced and then fooled by his own self-image, whilst becoming ever more base in his spirit.

Even Conspiracy Theory is preferable to her wicked twin, Rationalising Evil.

Rationalising Evil occurs when the expert selects evil acts to ignore and evil acts to condemn, according to his fancy.

Have you seen any recent examples of this?