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Prisoner mentoring

You don’t need to have listed ‘statism’ as one of your top five good influences on the left to think there may be pitfalls involved in outsourcing tasks to the private and voluntary sector.

But here is a scheme which may be less vulnerable to abuse, and may also have a positive impact on society:

Every prisoner released in England and Wales should have their own mentor to help them get their lives back on track, the justice secretary is to say.

The plan would be co-ordinated by private and voluntary sector groups who would be paid if re-offending was reduced, Chris Grayling will say.

The mentors would help with finding housing and training opportunities.

Probation officers welcomed the idea, but expressed doubt about whether enough mentors could be found.

Kolya (hat tip) liked the idea, I don’t see any obvious problems myself, and I note that the Guardian seems to like it too.  Could this be one of those rare policies which finds favour right across the political spectrum?  No, hang on, Daily Mail readers aren’t convinced.

Hat tip: Kolya