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We’ve heard it all before

This is a guest post by Cliched

Who else is sick and tired of hearing the same old thing over and over again from pundits and commentators on the Israel/Palestine conflict?  From the Second Intifada to the current troubles, every time the unending cycle of this conflict gets more violent than usual, analysts resort to the same old tired lines.  In order to help prospective pundits offer us something new here’s a check-list of the things, right or wrong, that we just don’t need to hear anymore:

Israel has the right to defend itself

Israel’s reaction is disproportionate

If [insert city/country here depending on geographic location of publication you are submitting to] was launching missiles into [insert city/country close to previous city/country], then they would be justified in striking back.

For example: ‘If Scotland was launching missiles into England, then the English would be justified in striking back.’

Hamas strategically places civilians in missile launch sites to ensure Israel kills them

Hamas is democratically elected

There is no negotiating with terrorists

We should negotiate with terrorists

Hamas are freedom fighters

Hamas are terrorists

Israel is an apartheid state

Israel is a shining example of liberal democracy in the Middle-East

Hamas is the same as al-Qaeda

Hamas is not the same as al-Qaeda

The IDF is the most humane army in the world

We should learn from the Northern Ireland peace process

The conflict needs to be resolved if we are to defeat al-Qaeda

[Israel/The Palestinians - insert preference here depending on political stance] started it!

America and Europe are Netanyahu’s puppets

The BBC is biased against [Israel/The Palestinians – insert preference here depending on political stance]

al-Jazeera is biased against Israel

Hamas should be included in any negotiations

Hamas should not be included in any negotiations

Both sides are to blame

That should get the ball rolling, any more suggestions?

By the way, this could also work as a drinking game: just take a shot every time you hear one of these on the news and you’ll have quite the night.