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#stoptherockets/#gazaunderfire: Dispatches from a fractured time line

Even-handedness has its own clichés, but most of the observations which irritated our recent guest poster were partisan.

My first response to a plea on Twitter asking to be directed to some objective commentary on Israel and Gaza was to say: ‘Do you follow Hussein Ibish?’.  My next was to recommend this piece by Flesh is Grass.  Another post I might have cited, although it is a commentary on responses rather than to the action itself, was this one by Steve Hynd – a report of the recent demonstrations in London which spares neither side. Finally - I am always genuinely interested to read Marc Goldberg’s views on a topic, because it is not easy to predict what he will say.  Here, in a different version of a piece already posted on Harry’s Place, he describes his response to receiving his call-up papers.

Do add examples of posts which avoid cliche or defy expectations.

Update: Following a discussion of non-partisan books in the comments, I’d like – even though it’s a few years old so not directly relevant to recent events – to add an above-the-line mention of Daniela Norris and Shireen Anabtawi’s Crossing Qalandiya.  This is a book made up of letters written by the two authors, who were introduced to each other by a mutual friend at a party in Geneva. One is from Israel, one from Ramallah. Despite initial uncertainties, a strong friendship grew up between the two women. However they realized they would have difficulty meeting back home, so decided to write to each other in order to keep in touch. It’s completely fascinating – I couldn’t put it down – had to read the whole thing at one sitting.  Some of the proceeds go to Children of Peace.