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A tragically typical day in Syria.

Reports are coming in of tens of people killed or wounded in the shelling of a peaceful anti-government demonstration in Aleppo.

Al Arabiya correspondent Mohammad Dughmush was among the wounded.

In an exclusive video to Al Arabiya, Dughmush appeared wounded as he explained how the demonstration was targeted and struck by a shell.

“There are tens of dead or wounded, I’m not sure… The dead bodies were feet away from me,” said Dughmush as he laid in bed with eyes shut, barely gaining the strength to talk.

“The demonstration was 100% peaceful and was purposefully targeted with a mortar shell,” he added.

The Syrian Local Coordination Committee reports:

Number of martyrs in Syria today has risen to 107 including 4 women and 3 children; 34 martyrs were reported in in Damascus and its suburbs; 25 in Aleppo most of them in Bustan Qaser; 10 in Idlib; 8 in Daraa; 7 in Hama; 6 in Raqqa; 6 in Deir Ezzor; 5 in Homs; 3 in Banyas; 2 in Lattakia; and 1 in Qunaitera

Angry demonstrations have broken out in cities across the globe.

I made that last part up.

Update: Jeffrey Goldberg, who has some other interesting things to say, writes:

An acquaintance of mine, a Syrian living in Beirut, wrote me in frustration about this last night. “We get very little interest from the international press compared to the Palestinians. What should we do to get more attention?”

My advice is to get killed by Jews. Always works.