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How did we get here?

This is a cross post from Marc’s Words

I’m searching hard to find the words to say.

A couple of moments ago I was sitting in my favourite Hummus place eating when the sirens went off. Everything and everyone simply stopped and looked up. The owner of the restaurant told everyone to leave the outside tables and stand inside but I wouldn’t do it, couldn’t do it, gotta show some kind of sign of I sat there sitting outside on my own listening to the sirens and waiting for them to stop. The boom, when it came was loud and nearby, a lot nearer than I thought it would be. Whatever, my Grandparents lived through the Blitz, I think I can manage this.

I have my papers, come Sunday I’ll be all in green and carrying a rifle and I’ll still be wondering why all of this is happening. The rockets flying out of Gaza don’t do anything positive for Gazans, they bring the might of the IDF down onto Gaza killing and maiming everywhere. The damage that Hamas manages to cause to Israel doesn’t help Hamas. So now I have to leave my comfortable life, my nice job and my friends, put on a uniform and go into harms way and for what? We’ve been here before.

In 2008 the IDF went into Gaza to create a safer environment for Israeli citizens living in the South. The operation was condemned throughout the world but it was reasonably effective…for a while. Now we’re in an even worse place than before, now Hamas rockets are reaching Tel Aviv and the government has been backed into a corner, now we HAVE to mount a ground operation. Who does this operation serve? Gazans are going to get killed and have their homes torn apart, we’re going to lose soldiers and I know that once we have withdrawn the heads of Hamas are going to come out from their little rabbit holes with their fists held high in the air and declare a victory. Israel will have a month or so of calm before missile and rocket attacks start slowly building up all over again.

The pointlessness of the situation, the sheer lack of any logical reasoning behind it is enough to make you cry.

Instead of concentrating on building up Gaza Hamas have concentrated on attacking Israel and for that they’re going to pay. Hamas are bringing our wrath down upon them, they are bringing destruction down upon themselves and their own people and they’re doing it for nothing.