Pallywood on BBC News

Compare Israel’s pinpoint strike on Ahmed Jabari, Head of Hamas’ military wing to Hamas’ indiscriminate killing of three Israeli citizens this morning. The Israeli Defence Forces have always taken great care to ensure that collateral damage is kept at a minimum, as has been reiterated by Israeli PM Netanyahu in a news conference this afternoon. This is in stark contrast with the Jew-hating blood-lust that Hamas and other terrorist groups operating in Gaza have for the citizens of Israel.

The facts do not suit everyone.

Have a look at a BBC interview with Jonathan Sacerdoti of the Institute for Middle Eastern Democracy, a London-based think-tank on Middle Eastern affairs. BBC producers (whether knowingly or not) show footage of a supposedly injured man being carried away, only for the man to reappear in good condition in a later clip. It’s not known if the BBC checked its sources on the footage (a problem in other areas of the Corporation) but it raises questions on how impartial the Beeb are being.

‘Pallywood’ is a term given to propaganda released by pro-Palestinian activists that often manipulate media or show unjust emphasis on suffering designed for the viewer to blame Israel. When in fact, the IDF shows considerable constraint and the suffering of Palestinians has much to do with their leaders than Israel.

Have a look at the ‘injured’ man at 2mins 11sec, and then observe his miraculous recovery from 2min 42sec. Pallywood at its best. Sacerdoti gives a pretty good analysis of the situation too.

Elder of Ziyon also chronicles the media distortions, here.

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